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The Jar has appeared in the basement!


This week we will be spoiling another new item, this time it comes in the form of a usable item found exclusively in stores… the Jar.


The Jar is a new item that really sticks out for me due to how unique it actually is. it essentially acts as 4 empty container hearts for you to fill up and…



practice makes perfect!

finally a comic that’s not just “drawing is hard I quit”

Be careful.. i don't wanna lose this baby...


Ok, lets talk co-op.

as many of you know, one of the biggest and easily one of the most fun additions to Rebirth is local single screen co-op.. and here is how it works.

when you are playing isaac, a friend/mom/soul mate can join you by pressing start on the 2nd controller (or 1st controller if…



Let’s Play GTA V Heist Trailer! So I found this on Youtube. I didn’t make it but I needed to share because this. Is. Fucking. Epic!

If this were a movie, I would watch it all the time